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Based on his experiences in Washington, D.C., Tre understands what it takes to navigate the partisan politics that have stifled progress in Congress for so many years. As a voice for The People, Tre refuses to be controlled by special interests and partisans that seek to marginalize and take advantage of the vulnerable. He will aggressively fight for the interest of the people and seeks to ensure greater accountability in reducing crime, enhancing education, growing the economy, and improving the lives of all constituents in Texas Congressional District 30.

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Posted Near , Dallas, TX 75233

Tre will immediately introduce legislation to allow Medicare to negotiate prices directly with drug companies to get better rates. We know what is best for our community!

Posted Near , Dallas, TX 75217

Congress must do more to improve healthcare prescription costs in this country. These issues are in the prime of our focus!

Posted Near , Dallas, TX 75216

Section 230 of the 1996 Communications Decency Act was designed to protect online service providers from liabilities resulting from the misdeeds of third-party users.CDA 230 is protecting Big Tech corporations, while leaving citizens at risk! We are fighting for our peoples right to privacy!

Posted Near , Dallas, TX 75208

As your congressional leader, Tre will immediately seek to improve academic accountability for K-12 by ensuring that every federal dollar is properly managed and invested in student learning.

Posted Near , Dallas, TX 75247

A recent study found that academic achievement among religious schools was significantly higher than that of public schools. Based on this fact, we promotee the idea of allowing religious institutions to receive federal funding to establish their own school systems.

Posted Near , Dallas, TX 75235

As a university professor and advocate for education reform, we place education at the top of our legislative agenda.

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